Clooney And Roberts Team Up For A Financial Thriller

imageI am a very big fan of the golden age of Hollywood, while I don’t write about it that often or even incorporate it in my reviews or writing that often, I have immense respect for it and its stars. I long for the days when legends like Garbo, Bogart, Bacall, Wayne, Stewart and Hepburn would have their equals walk the red carpet today in their prime. There definitely are a few of those giants today, including those that were phenomenal and died too soon, like James Dean and Montgomery Clift.

To find the best of the best, you need not look further than the red carpet at yearly events like the Cannes Film Festival and the Sundance Film Festival. These actors, writers and directors proudly display their best work before these prestigious audiences. These titans include, Woody Allen, Francis Ford Coppola and even Martin Scorsese.

This year one of Hollywoods favorites, even as a child actress, Jodie

69th Cannes Film Festival - 'Money Monster’ - Photocall Featuring: George Clooney, Julia Roberts Where: Cannes, France When: 12 May 2016 Credit: Joe Alvarez **PLEASE SET CREDIT AS JOE ALVAREZ ONLY.**
69th Cannes Film Festival – ‘Money Monster’ – Photocall
Featuring: George Clooney, Julia Roberts
Where: Cannes, France
When: 12 May 2016
Credit: Joe Alvarez

Foster, debuted her newest feature at Cannes, With stars George Clooney and Julia Roberts on hand to help her unveil the movie, they were one of the highlights of the red carpet. Clooney and Roberts looked as if they were Bogey and Bacall, without the romance. They had the look and glow of the Hollywood royalty I spoke of before. The comfort level they both have with each other can be felt even through the pictures 5,000 miles away. You can’t help but wish they actually were a couple.

The film Money Monster debuted to an A list audience and didn’t disappoint. Having now seen the film three weeks after its debut, I can see why.

Money Monster is the perfect companion film to movies like The Big Short. I don’t say the answer or counter piece because it delves deeper into the average persons emotions and mind set who lost everything in the current system’s economy.

imageIt is the story of a television financial adviser who has recently given his endorsement to a stock he claims, can’t lose. When the stock goes belly up, a young, blue collar investor soon takes the television host, played by Clooney, hostage demanding answers and reparations. When Lee, the host, can’t provide what he demands, he straps him with a bomb until his demands are met. As the crisis goes along, more is learned about each character and the situations that have brought them to this point.

Lee is undoubtedly an active party in the promotion of company

George Clooney stars as Lee Gates in TriStar Pictures' MONEY MONSTER.
George Clooney stars as Lee Gates in TriStar Pictures’ MONEY MONSTER.

stocks and their promotions from the media. This comes as no surprise to the average viewer, but nevertheless doesn’t stop us from taking their word for the facts and advice they give on television. It is the discovery of all of this that sends the young man on the rampage in which he demands justice, not just for his loss, but for all those that have lost along with him.

Money Monster is relatable on not only the financial level, but on the injustice level. You easily feel his anger and become mad at the knowledge of how hard working and middle and lower class families are affected by these situations. When they trust in a media that wasn’t supposed to lie to them and a system that wasn’t set up to imageswindle them. I recently felt these emotions, not only in this film, but in Michael Moore’s latest film, Where To Invade Next, which looks at old American ideas that are in place in other countries, and are benefiting the masses, unlike America. It is hard not to feel these effects, but it is what we will do and we will go on with our lives. The one thing we know is that these are institutions that don’t have our best interests at heart and never will. We need to take care of ourselves and do what we know is right and what will benefit us.

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