J. J. Watt Was In Demolition Man?

Even though he was only 4 years old when it was released, it appears like J.J. Watt was in Demolition Man. 

The character pictured bares a striking resemblance to the Houston Texans outstanding defensive star. 

Maybe Watt is yet another celebrity time traveler, joining the likes of Nicolas Cage and Daniel Radcliffe. 

The 1993 futuristic action movie starred Sandra Bullock as she was just about to break it big. The next year she would skyrocket to superstardom in Speed. 

Sylvester Stallone was in the midst of a real stalemate in his career. With movies like Judge Dredd and Stop Or My Mom Will Shoot, Demolition Man was almost doomed before it started. 

As the years have gone on and society has developed deep into that future, the satire the film was meant to convey, has really become more noticeable.

All these years later if you haven’t seen it ever, or if it has been awhile, you may want to check it out 

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