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Expanded Content To Come

I have recently decided to change things up on my blog. Since its beginning, it has generally been three different categories, reviews, commentary and lists. With the powerhouses that are streaming services and devices and as someone who has recently joined the club of people who have cut the cable, I have decided to expand into commentary on streaming services and programming and adding reviews of movies AND TV shows available on streaming services. This should allow for more frequent posting and more options for others to watch and enjoy. I hope everyone enjoys the new content which will start very soon.

John Hughes Related To More Than Just Teens

MPW-36695For as much as John Hughes will be remembered as perfectly portraying the teen mind on screen he may have raised the bar in 1988 with She’s Having A Baby. One of his lesser known films, as far as the box office is concerned. He may have captured the first 5 years or so of an average marriage (take that term with a grain of salt because like life there is no average)  perfectly. When he cast a fairly young Kevin Bacon and new comer Elizabeth McGovern he formed a chemistry and the makings of a film that every young married person could relate to.

Hughes was, at the time, know for his clear glimpse into teen life and angst despite having lived in a different decade. His teen films have clearly surpassed the test of time and will forever live in teen life and help individuals get through high school life.

As Hughes aged he made films like Planes, Trains And Automobiles and She’s Having A Baby. Had John Candy not died one can only wonder where John Hughes would have gone and what he would have made. For it was Candy’s death that, for all intense and purposes, made Hughes withdraw from main stream film making.

Films like She’s Having A Baby showed the adult perspective that Hughes had. He saw the world clearly, young and older.  Baby was the thoughts of his early career and thoughts on having a family which were as complex as most peoples but explained so plainly that many almost couldn’t take it serious.

Baby is a heartfelt look inside marriage and family life. Every temptation is talked about and looked at deeply in a way that makes anyone sympathize with either angle that is freely shown through Hughes unique eye.

The soundtrack is one that when re-listened to at anytime, (Listen to Kate Bush’s This Woman’s Work) could almost bring tears of joy and sadness to your eyes. His ability to mesh fantastic story telling and perfect music was clearly not lost on this film.

Bacon would go on to be a massive star, whereas McGovern would take a slightly different road but not one to be ashamed of. She kept her artistic integrity and can even been seen on the highly successful Downton Abbey.

Bacon and McGovern for me will forever be the perfect couple. Not because everything was perfect in their marriage and lives but because they were imperfect. John Hughes brought things together in a way that will always bring my and many others live’s into perspective. He had an uncanny way of looking into life at any age and adult life was no different than teen life. The teens and younger people who grew up on Hughes will also be able to mature on Hughes with films like this.

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