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Wonder Woman Shows Women Can Dominate The Superhero World Just As Well As Any Man

With another summer comes another barrage of superhero movies to fill the summer blockbuster lineups. I have often been openly critical of superhero movies and the saturation to the market. For example, we are on the cusp of the second reboot of Spiderman in the last 15 years. Marvel comics have been largely the comic book company pouring out movie after movie with a small smattering of DC movies trying to get their foothold in the market. 2013’s Man Of Steel was the beginning of DC’s charge at Marvel and the beginning of the eventual Justice League movie. Last year we got a bit of a deeper taste with Bateman Vs. Superman: Dawn Of Justice. Both movies seemed to just miss with fans and critics, unlike their Marvel counterparts which are adored by fans and have been reviewed in a relatively positive light by critics. Putting all that aside, DC has not been swayed and has continued ahead with their lavish plans and massive schedule of films.

This leads us to their latest effort throwing us into the Amazon world of Wonder Woman. Gal Gadot made her debut of Diana Prince/Wonder Woman in the aforementioned, Batman Vs. Superman. There has been quite a bit of buzz since then considering everyone knew this was to be the next DC film leading up to Justice League. For many of us, just the mention of Wonder Woman conjures up images of Lynda Carter spinning into her suit and bouncing bullets off her wrist cuffs. These images may soon be replaced with the new ultimate imaging of the character.

Director Patty Jenkins who is best known for directing Charlize Theron in her Oscar-winning performance as serial killer Aileen Wuornos in 2003’s Monster, was given the task to helm the story of the most powerful woman in the galaxy. In the world where feminism is at as big of fever pitch as it has been in many many years, this was a challenging and delicate task that needed a woman’s touch. Jenkins stood up and embraced the challenge with every bit of energy she has, and it shows.

The film she set out to make is the origin story of Wonder Woman and through her first foray into the civilized world. Diana Prince is learning to hone her skills when a World War I pilot, played by Chris Pine, crashes near her tribe and the Great War is soon brought to their village. After a battle ensues and the pilot is saved from the Germans with the aid of her people, soon Diana goes with the pilot into the modern world of 1918 and discovers a much larger sinister force at play behind the war and one who knows of Diana and all her skills. Diana is now set to save the world for the first of many times.

Wonder Woman has been praised by fans, critics and women everywhere as the blockbuster movie that finally shows how much ass women can kick. Not only quickly becoming the film for the feminist this year, but also the movie that may have DC finally one up Marvel depending on the success of Spiderman: Homecoming. Regardless of the final numbers ad outcome, Wonder Woman has shown that DC is still very capable of competing in the superhero movie market. The correct formula seems to have driven Wonder Woman in the right direction and has left fans dying for more from the queen of the amazon.

Batman vs. Superman: Dawn Of Justice Is The Biggest Battle Of Superheroes

imageI’m a little bit late to the review party for Batman vs. Superman, but I also took careful measures to not drown myself in all of the immediate reviews and blogs after the film finally was released. While I did happen to see headline and quick lines of people’s thoughts, I did my best to go in with an open mind. I enjoyed 2013’s Man Of Steel and have always been somewhat of a fan of the Superman character. With that said I can’t say I was overly excited for BVS to come out for a few reasons. The first reason was what I think had most skeptics at bay, and that was Ben Affleck playing Batman. Having to follow Christian Bale and the three highly praised Batman films he made almost seemed to big of an undertaking. The second reason my anticipation was not very high was because I don’t know anything about the comic books or anything about The Justice League other than the minimal basics. I’m sorry to say that but I’ve never been a comic book guy, I’ve been a movie guy. The third reason is simply that I thought it was too hyped to succeed. The criticism never stopped from the moment it was announced and then as character posters came out and trailers, it was just relentless. This was probably my biggest reason for putting it off and waiting on my review as well, I wanted to let the dust settle.

The movie begins by showing the battle between Superman and General Zod from an outsiders viewpoint. We see Bruce Wayne frantically trying to get to one of Wayne Enterprises buildings in the midst of the battle. He is there to see the building fall and manages to save an employee who is pinned underneath the rubble.image

The world is now split on their stance of Superman more than before. They had already seen all the good he could do, now they have only scratched the surface of how powerful and destructive he actually could be. One of the most suspicious people is, of course, Batman.

Along with those skeptics is the very wealthy and diabolical, Lex Luthor, whose plan is to pit the caped crusader against the man of steel in an effort to gain inhumanly powers with the remains of the defeated General Zod. Luthor’s plan seems to be working until at the height of their epic battle, they find common ground and refocus their energy. Luthor has since created what he hopes will bring the end to Superman, Doomsday.

imageAnother epic battle ensues which has Batman and Superman fighting side by side along with Diana Prince who has been on the outskirts of their feud, but has been keeping a close eye on everything. When she joins their side, we clearly see the beginning of The Justice League as now Wonder Woman has joined their ranks.

The film is aptly titled, Batman vs. Superman: Dawn Of Justice because those are the two biggest acts in the movie. I don’t consider it a spoiler to say that there is no winner between the two because it is during their battle that they find the need to work together.

Just barely two years after it was announced that Ben Affleck would don the cape a cowl, we finally got to see if every Batman fans fears were justified. The biggest thing I took away from the movie is that Ben Affleck clearly didn’t drop the ball as Bruce Wayne/Batman. With just the right amount of dialogue to work with, he was given a creation of the character that was just right for his skill set.

Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor is the one performance in the film I imagealmost still don’t know how to feel about. I just can’t tell if he was so over the top as Luthor that it was great or that it was almost distracting. It felt like a very uneven performance with moments that were as good as Gene Hackman in Richard Donners version and yet there were times it felt uncomfortable to watch. It definitely doesn’t ruin the movie, but it does give pause as to using him in future films.

BVS is as dark as any previous Batman movie that has been made. It has some moments that can be almost chilling in the reality of their violence. Like many other Batman movies there is the creation of Thomas and Martha Wayne’s death. This to me, is the most chilling dramatization of their deaths, specifically Martha Wayne and her shattered pearl necklace.

imageSo the final verdict on BVS is that it was better than I expected which is always a pleasant surprise. It’s going to have its super fans and heavy critics but it is without a doubt entertaining and does exactly what it should do and leads directly into the first Justice League movie due out next year. Don’t go into expecting a movie with Batman to be as good as the Christopher Nolan trilogy, because this is a different Batman but it is one that fits well in this telling of these characters. I’ve come to the realization that there is never any pleasing of the hardcore fans, since I fall under the category of average fan and Look at it from a movie fans perspective, I found it to be engrossing entertaining enough to have me excited for the future films to come.

Man Of Steel, Is It As Strong As It Should Be?

superman_man_of_steel_2013_wallpaper___portada_facebook-1920x1080It is my humble opinion that no movie has more to live up to this year than Man Of Steel. There are three reasons for this thought and the first one is the fact that Superman is the ultimate comic book superhero. He is the most famous and people that know nothing about Superman know who he is and what he can do. The second reason is that Christopher Nolan is the producer and his name is all over this movie despite not writing or directing it. What Nolan was able to do with the Batman franchise set the bar so high, it’s conceivable that no comic book or superhero will ever live up to that. Finally is that the TV show and original 1978 Richard Donner movie are iconic. George Reeves in the 1950’s was the first Superhero to show up on television and Christopher Reeve was a star making moment. With fellow cast member such as Academy Award winners Marlon Brando and Gene Hackman, along with a script written by Oscar winner Mario Puzo of The Godfather fame, not to mention John Williams classic score.

That being said and noted, Man Of Steel is a fantastic movie that not only adds depth to the origin and beginning of Superman it adds, all be it small amounts of, reality to the story. Now when I say reality take that for what it’s worth. This is the story of an alien baby raised as human with powers no human could ever posses. The movie is designed to do one thing and that is set up a series of sequels and possibly a Christopher Nolan blessed adaptation of The Justice League.

Man Of Steel begins on the planet Krypton with Jor-El before the high counsel explaining what must be done to save his planet that is doomed for destruction. When general Zod attempts to overtake the counsel he is sentenced to a life of being outcast in a black hole, yet knows that Jor-El holds the key to his races survival and vows revenge and to extend his races existence. Kal-El (Superman’s given name) is cast down to earth to help the planet and because he has the ability to blend in on the surface. After he has discovered himself and his purpose and powers Superman is still unsure what he should ultimately do. When general Zod comes upon earth asking for Kal-El to surrender himself and battle ensues in Smallville, Kansas and later carries over to Metropolis. Unsure if he means well or if he means harm, the government is deployed to stop Zod. Superman does all he can to save earthMan-of-Steel-EW-2-Zod from Zod’s destructive plans.

Superman is an icon and there is no one that can deny that, so undertaking a challenge like this was extremely risky but director Zack Snyder and producer Christopher Nolan do pull it off.

Keep in mind that the story of Superman is full of logical holes and therefore any film ever made will be as well. With that in mind all should be taken in by the story and effects and ability of Superman because that is what makes him so beloved anyway. If anyone chooses to pick apart the story or even compare it to it’s wonderful start in films you will be disappointed. Entertainment is goal number one with Man Of Steel and it pulls out all the stops. If you love the Clark Kent aspect and the anonymity he posses you may have to wait a while but you will see. It doesn’t have John Williams classic theme or for the most part any of the cheesy lines (although there are a few) but it none the less is truly a Superman movie that erases the terrible memory of Superman Returns and brings the ultimate hero back to the screen in a good way.

With performances by Kevin Costner, Diane Lane, Amy Adams and the always underrated Michael Shannon, good enough to not make you fumble and distract from the story line, you will be engrossed no matter what you feel after you will be engaged. Russell Crowe as Jor-El had large shoes to fill following Marlon Brando but he makes the character his own. More details are given origins and and things you thought you knew are given clarity.

Superhero and comic book fans will flock to the theaters to see Man Of Steel, the down side is it will be compared and dissected beyond belief instead of taken for what it is, and that is a great story of a hero and man many wish truly existed. Sit back and enjoy all aspects of Man Of Steel because it’s worth the buck it cost for your seat.

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