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Expanded Content To Come

I have recently decided to change things up on my blog. Since its beginning, it has generally been three different categories, reviews, commentary and lists. With the powerhouses that are streaming services and devices and as someone who has recently joined the club of people who have cut the cable, I have decided to expand into commentary on streaming services and programming and adding reviews of movies AND TV shows available on streaming services. This should allow for more frequent posting and more options for others to watch and enjoy. I hope everyone enjoys the new content which will start very soon.

Woody Harrelson Has Emerged As The Star Of The Cheers Alumni

Without question one of the most popular, if not the most popular sitcom of the 1980’s was Cheers. Making stars out of Ted Danson, Shelly Long and Kirstie Alley it was wildly popular and consistently good despite key cast member changes and additions. Cheers called final call in 1993 leaving the cast to make new paths for themselves and would let us see who would forever be remembered for their character only and who would blaze a bold new path. All would have varying success but no cast member may have shown more surprising talents and gone on to be the most prolific actor amongst the cast than Woody Harrelson.

Harrelson was a definite wild card when he was cast to replace the extremely popular Nicolas Colasanto who played the beloved “Coach” after he passed away. Woody was thrust into what could have been an impossible situation. Replaces loved man and character with an unknown actor whose new character had many similarities to Coach. Woody couldn’t have done any better! As the years went on he fit right in with the cast of characters and proved to be the right choice. The unknown with Woody and his character when the show ended was, would he be typecast as the dimwitted Woody Boyd? Harrelson with a determination and series of acting choices, would not let that happen.

While taking roles towards the end of Cheers in movies like, White Men Can’t Jump and Indecent Proposal audiences were able to notice that, maybe there is more to Mr. Harrelson as an actor than previously thought. But still audiences weren’t sold. Taking the role of Pepper Lewis in The Cowboy Way alongside Kiefer Sutherland seemed to be more what audiences expected. It would be two months later when Oliver Stone released his highly controversial Natural Born Killers that Woody would make people stand up and take notice. The sadistic character of Mickey Knox was the polar opposite of the innocent mild mannered Woody Boyd. With his shaved head and evil look he was starting down a path that would leave Cheers far in the past.

Never abandoning his comedic roots with such films as Kingpin and Edtv and even the critically panned Play It To The Bone, it would be his dramatic work that would define his post Cheers career. He received an Academy Award nomination for his portrayal of the highly controversial public figure and often condemned pornographer, Larry Flynt in Milos Forman’s The People vs. Larry Flynt.

Woody has always made a concentrated effort to stay diverse and open when it comes to film choices and never abandon his comedy talents and roots. With roles in the hysterical Will Ferrell basketball spoof Semi-Pro to the next year being in the powerful post Iraq war drama The Messenger for which he again received and Oscar nomination and showed that his dramatic ability is on par with the best actors in Hollywood and his comedic talents are on the same level.

Woody’s latest few movies continue on the great eclectic path he has carved for himself with the intense, gut shot movie Rampart along side the HBO political drama Game Change for which it would be no surprise if he was garnered with various nominations including the Golden Globe. He is most recently in the blockbuster movie The Hunger Games in which he initially seemed out of place but made the character his own to the point he became a great choice.

Woody will continue to awe and entertain with laughter and tears. He has become a safe bet in Hollywood without being typecast like was originally feared. He without a doubt has emerged as the true actor and most successful of the Cheers alumni, with all due respect to Kelsey Grammar whose success as Frasier is quite impressive but doesn’t contain the range and ability that Woody has shown.

Morgan Spurlock Takes A Deep Look Into Geek Life And Culture

With a rash of superhero/comic book movies set to unleash once again this year there is one movie that shows the heart and soul of the culture that allowed these movies to become the blockbusters they are and the pandemonium they create.

The true fact of the matter is we are all geeks about something in one way or another. Be it movies, comics, video games or even things such as finance, or your jobs or sports. In one form or another we all “geek out” about something.

Once a year in San Diego is the ultimate pop-culture/comic book convention known as Comic-Con. Started in 1970 as a strict comic book convention for collectors and a place where new illustrators could come to be discovered. Over forty years later it has morphed into the ultimate pop culture gathering. Many hardcore enthusiast despise what comic-con has become but attend every year, regardless. Filled with  many obsessed fans and casual goers. Morgan Spurlock’s Comic-Con Episode IV A Fan’s Hope is a deep look into the convention itself and a handful of the people who make up the heart of what comic-con has become. Focusing on 2 artistic hopefuls, a costume designer and a couple who met and fell in love at comic-con and the surprise proposal that is going to happen.

The movie clearly shows the power that geek culture has gained in the last 10-15 years. With television shows like The Big Bang Theory that has helped make the geek life more acceptable and recognized . It’s ok for those who like sci-fi and comic books and video game addicts to be ok with themselves and comic-con is their Super Bowl, Oscars and any top event for those who love what they do. With various celebrity interviews and insight into what drives those who live and love this lifestyle proves to be fascinating and shows that these people are no longer in the minority.

There will always people who think these people are strange and make no mistake, there are people at these events that may cross the line as far as obsession goes, but this is their event and their time to let loose.

Everyone has a little geek in them and geek culture has grown tremendously and this is a brief glimpse into the culture that made being geek, cool.

Shut Up Little Man Looks At Going Viral For The First Time

With todays wide spread accessibility of the internet the best way to gain that infamous 15 minutes of fame is to tape something or write something or create something and, Go Viral!! 25 years ago the term going viral wasn’t part of the populations vocabulary. That didn’t stop unique videos, recordings and from being an underground phenomenon. One such situation took place in the late 80’s and carried on thru the 90’s when two recent college chose to move to the iconic neighborhood of Haight St. in San Francisco in what could be the dumpiest apartment building in the city. What they soon discovered was they had the two most unique neighbors anyone could ask for.

What was initially a severe annoyance of two men who drank all day and as a result viciously argued and fought all night, quickly became a fascination and underground hit. While the neighbors, Peter and Ray constantly argued it took a turn from annoying to hilarious at some point and out fear, fear for either ones life and that it may become legally necessary, the two began recording the nights occurrences.

The recordings soon piled up to two years worth and found themselves covering the country with various people looking to cash in on them in various ways from comic books to movies to plays.

The documentary, Shut Up Little Man, taken from Peter’s favorite line to Ray, is not only a look into the two young men, Eddie and Mitch and not only their time on Haight St. next to Peter and Ray but the struggle and control of the phenomenon they had created.

With various legal and ethical issues at hand they had been thrust into a world and situation that they had no knowledge of and had not prepared for. With everyone looking to profit on the crazy characters Peter and Ray no doubt were various legal and ethical questions were raised and ultimately kept the Shut Up Little Man tapes and story from hitting the mainstream.

The documentary also hits on several other levels and while the arguments are funny, although extremely profanity laced, there is a sadness to the lives the two men had come to live late in life. Both obvious severe alcoholics and Peter being a homosexual and Ray vocally having a hatred for them made for a very volatile relationship, of which there is some mystery and question, and ultimately a toxic life together.

What has been called the first pop culture viral break out, calls morals and ethics into question with what seems so easily accessible today. A deep look into what popularity these tapes had and how they were really light years ahead of anything of it’s kind, Shut Up Little Man is about so much more than the tapes and recordings, it’s about the lives of the two men on those tapes and the lives they unknowingly affected by bringing laughter and joy to millions and by affecting the lives of all who tried to profit from their misery and sad lives. It will make laugh no doubt because that is just our nature as people but it will make you think as well and feel for the men who unknowingly were just like rock stars.