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Netflix’s The Crown Makes For A Good Binge Session

As part of my new content, I will once again stick with Netflix and what is available. Netflix is most likely to biggest of the streaming services with amazon prime and Hulu close behind. I have chosen my television series to recommend is the crown. With two rich and engaging seasons so far and much news about a coming third season, it is more than worth the time to binge at whatever pace you tend to binge your shows. While I give such high praise to the show, one thing is for certain, it is not for everyone. I have been one who is very selective when it comes to British television shows so the crown comes as a surprise to me more than anyone that I found such a great love for.

We in America are fascinated with the Royals in part because we have no royals of our own. The closest we have come to having royalty was the Kennedy family as is shown by the love we still show for them and their lives. The British are enthralled with their royals because they are one of the last countries with such a large and regal royal family. The Netflix show The Crown has managed to not only give an inside look at the current royals but gives humanity to them like never before. We find ourselves relating to them as well as being sympathetic in many areas of their lives. While there is no doubt many liberties taken in the telling of details, we get a sense that much of what is told has much truth lies within it.

A stellar cast in both seasons that are available is just part of what makes The Crown a first-rate show. Claire Foy takes center stage as Elizabeth II from a princess into her time as queen of England in the role that won her a Golden Globe last year as well as two Screen Actors Guild awards. The first season also features John Lithgow in his Golden Globe nominated and SAG award-winning turn as Winston Churchill. With supporting roles from up and coming actress Vanessa Kirby as the rebellious and somewhat troubled Princess Margaret and Jared Harris as King George VI. Nearly every performance is pitch perfect lending to the overall quality of the show. With all that said it is the content and ability of creator Peter Morgan and with the help of a talented list of directors and writers which include three-time Oscar nominee Stephen Daldry which really drives the show. The ability to have the audience entranced by the daily life of Queen Elizabeth’s she navigates a life she never truly wanted or felt qualified for is remarkable.

As I mentioned before there are no doubt many liberties taken with the accuracy of many events as well as private moments of the royal family but we begin to see them as more than the rich royals from Buckingham Palace and more as a family struggling to learn life in the spotlight at such a young age with such a young family to care for. This is what gives The Crown its mass appeal. Most anyone can find parts of life to relate to whether it is the hardships of keeping a family together or the feelings of inadequacies in our personal and professional lives.

So if the forecast in your area is for one of snowfall or dreary rain this weekend I highly recommend losing yourself in the world of the Windsor family at Buckingham Palace.